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FYI. The OOC thread is Here: coveremix_ooc

Yhalothar. This is the Covenant Remix RP. Born from the ye olde Covenant RP.
The mod at the moment is the one who created it. An offical MOD will be decided on shortly. At the present moment, I, Aran Cky, or Kawaiikumagrou9, have created and brought you yet another RP site. YAY! COVENANT! <3. As I was so wrongly kicked out of the original. -coughtotallystupidcough- I have made this so that people who all wish to have FUN when they roleplay may come here and do so. ^_____________~

If you have any complaints you may bring it up with me. ^_^. I'm nice. I don't bite...except on full moons. =P. No but seriously. The form for your character is below. As are the rules. Please do enjoy the RP. We hope to get new members soon. -Aran. <3.

Rules WHO READS THESE THINGS ANYWAY RIIIGHT? (I would if I were you...)

-Be nice. No bitching about whatever is on your mind that day. Don't take it out on other players. It's not thier fault, okay?

-HAVE FUN! This should be number one. This is after all what RPs are for.

-Pick your characters wisely. (Don't pick someone you only like and don't act much like at all. Of course, it's still your impression of them.)

-OCs are welcome.

-IC is much appreciated.

-MARYSUES. OR GOD MODS ARE FROWNED UPON AND HATED. Not to mention left to Chase to burn until he can't anymore. (Which is like never ending by the way...)

-Keeping it at a whooping PG-13, please. If you have a desire to write smut you may make a friends only entry and tag it as such.

-femmeslash (girl on girl relationships) and slash (guy on guy) is welcome. Have an issue with it? Go away. We don't want you.

-Puppets (such as the little pictures of your characters that portray them maybe used from any picture. Drawn, anime, or normal. Whatever.) They must be accepted by one of the mods.


- Journals are necessary for all characters.

-Journals are written in 1st person. (I, me)

-Normal Role play in the comm should be 3rd person. (Reid killed the teacher in the library with the revolver.)

-Be sure to friend everyone once accepted.

-Fill out the form and post it in given entry in the community. The MODS will get back to you a.s.a.p.

-AIM RPs are accepted. Just post them under a cut.

~You need this format before the cut:
Who: Who the RP took place between
Where: Where the RP took place
When: When the RP took place
Rating: The rating of the RP [G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17]
Diffrentiate between being In Character and Out Of Character. We don't need to be confused!

-If you read all the rules be sure to put, "I love your mom." Somewhere in your application.

-Keep your personal issues with a player seperate from the role play. If things get out of the hand, contact a mod.

-Make your journal Friends Only. We don't need random people thinking this is for anything other than a role play, okay?

-Contact at least one of the mods before making life-altering decisions. And be sure to think it through before you do it, as well (if you kill your character, she won't be coming back. This isn't a soap opera, sweethearts!)

-IM other members and set up a history with their characters. Not everyone is the new student, most people have friends and aren't total loner/losers.

-If you're not going to be able to update, let us know. Just make a quick note in the community journal and let us know how long you'll be gone.
-Journal updates need to be made at least once every two weeks. Want to update more? Feel free! But once every two is the requirement.

SO what's the story?

It's the same idea. The Covenant movie presented. But this time. Other Fandoms can join. However we are going with the whole idea of HuntersVsWitches. Other elements may come into play, of course. At The moment the present hunters are all those that are in The Office and other random OCs, not to mention the Winchester boys if anyone wishes to play them. Our witchees are of course our lovely Covenant boys. YAY! I'm sure it will fill out nicely.


AIM Screenname:

Journal: this should be your character's journal. If you want to post it after your characters been accepted that is fine.
Brief Biography:

Who plays Who?:

The Covenant

Reid Garwin- Aran Cky- hpcankissmyass
Caleb Danvers- Jakey- x_xcalebx_x
Pogue Parry- Jaime- surge_of_life
Tyler Simms- Cjerd young_and_quiet
Chase Collins- Kayla hardenedemotion
Sarah Wenham- Aran Cky stillnotright4u
Kate Tunney- Lilly Serenitia- princesskate_x
Evelyn Danvers- Open.

The Office

Jim Halpert- Aran- nochancetorun
Pam Beesely- Lilly Serenitia- pamlamadingdong
Dwight Shrute- Open.
Ryan- Open.
Micheal- Open.

Maxiumum Ride

Fang Garwin- Aran- sarcasmsfang
Max Ride- Cjerd- max_loves_fax


Sam Winchester-Open.
Dean Winchester- Jake- x_deanx_winx_x


Taylor- Kayla- jaded_game
Kitty Pryde- Mandy- and_snow_fell
Kylie Lace- Aran- snowhitequeens
Victoria Wynters- Jaime- o_malicious_one
Alessa Black- Kayla- prettipunkkitti